Furion Energy, Cody C.Heer and Company


I Cody Heer am taking the liberty to warn potential investors to Robert Price of the Hickory, NC area, Work Address: 962 12 St. SE, Hickory, NC  28602, Home and or Work 5783 Rest Home Rd., Hickory,NC.


To warn them of the various Oil and Gas entities, Royal Carolina Producers LLC, TarCat Inc. or Tar Cat Inc of KY, that Robert Price has created. Robert Price and his brother Roy Price have or maybe had, Price Well Drilling of North Carolina, I know of a drilling rig and Smeal- service rig, that was repossessed by equipmentrepo.com.


I invested in Royal Carolina Producers in December of 2004, to the tune of $27,500.00. It was represented to me by Robert Price, that Dora Rowe, the mineral owner, had told him he could sell part of the lease (lease had a provision he couldn’t sell without approval), he had Thanksgiving with her and that was the deal. Robert Price was to provide me with an assignment, upon numerous requests he did not.


It is now, July of 2006 and I am filing a Federal Lawsuit in Bowling Green, KY, for Fiduciary Negligence. Robert Price neglected  to not fight the Termination of the Oil and Gas lease; then re-leased the property under a new company called TarCat, specifically writing me out of the lease, with the new land owner Louie Froggett (whom as far as I am concerned is in collusion with Robert Price).


Oh Robert Price will take your phone calls and not avoid them, too often, which must be his way of not raising red flags to his investors. He will seem like he is a nice guy BUT!


He has had the “new lease” for several months, one of the wells will do 10-14 bbls/day flush then 6-8 bbls/day with little to no water, yet he isn’t pumping, because he’s, “working on BIG Deal” big big deal so big no one around there can imagine.


He can be mad at me for leasing an adjoining property, though he had 1-2 year to lease, before I was even involved in the area. When I have it, “it was his” and “you have a conflict of interest”.


Then he allows Louie Froggett to charge me with Criminal Trespass and signs an affidavit that I can’t be on lease, a lease I own 20.5+ percent of. Justifying it, since I don’t have assignment, yet I was suppose to be given one! A man is a real piece of shit, to do something where I am charged criminally, for using a road on a lease that I own part of; yet he can use the road!


Louie Froggett’s friend, Joe Hickerson, wanted my Fraser lease that is why Louie didn’t want me using the road and charged me with trespassing; though it is almost standard to used roads from one lease to another. It is written into the Dora Rowe lease as “over or through the property”.


Remember he seems like a “Nice Guy” but it is either a tactic or he has two personalities.


Any question or if you’ve been screwed by Robert Price call me, Cody Heer at 270-932-2819 or Email Cody@furion.com